Monday, December 07, 2009


Despite my best efforts...

Saturday we had an activity up in Boston with the Young Women (read: teenagers) that I work with at church. We left Providence at 12:30 and finished the activity at 4. Then the bishop took everyone to Bertucci's for dinner and just ordered a bunch of pizzas. So I had pizza. And a Bertucci roll because they're one of my favorite things ever.

Sunday we went to a friend's caroling party. She always has a fantastic spread. Crackers and cookies were consumed. And cheese. Lots of cheese.

I came to a decision that I will do the best I can to stay South Beach-friendly, but will recognize that it's the holidays and events like this will come up. Also, these events won't be happening in January so I should be able to be more consistent. I mean, it's the holidays. I'm not going to be a martyr.

(Excuses, excuses)

This morning I packed a nice Phase 1 breakfast, lunch and snacks, then promptly left it all on the kitchen counter. Sigh. Dunkin Donuts turkey sausage egg white flatbread for breakfast (believe me, that's the best option I can find in downtown Providence). My plan is to get a burrito belly (just the fillings) for lunch with chicken, black beans, lettuce and cheese. At least I can cook a good dinner for myself. Anyway, here's hoping tomorrow I actually remember my food.

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