Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Scoop

So I know I said no extremes, but honestly I don't think the South Beach Diet is too extreme. Maybe Phase 1 is, but after that, it's very reasonable.

Anyway, after the Thanksgiving bacchanalia, I decided to just do it already. Today is Day 2 of Phase 1. My hope is maybe by the time we head to Utah for Christmas, I will have dropped a few pounds. I know for a fact my tolerance for sugar will be less by then, so maybe that will help me curb some of my Christmas indulgences

The good news is, my stint into eating less sugar before Thanksgiving made me sensitive to the junk in the food I was eating. For instance, I have always loved pecan pie and made one this year for our holiday dinner. I ate the leftovers, but every time I finished a piece, I felt kind of bleh. Too sweet! Also, we had real whipped cream with the pie. Gah! Too greasy! I didn't finish the whipped cream that I served myself because of the layer of grease it left on the inside of my mouth.

Yesterday, I had a serious migraine. That was either due to Phase 1, or due to working out. Lately I've been getting headachy after a half hour on the elliptical. It happened last Monday too, though not as badly as yesterday. I always have a little snack before I work out because I've learned if I don't I will definitely get a migraine. Maybe it's a hydration issue. I try to drink at least 8 oz of water before the workout, and drink another 16 oz while I'm on the elliptical. Then usually another 8-16 oz while I do my strength training. I'm kind of at a loss as to why I'm getting headaches.

My head is still a bit achey today so no workout this morning. We'll see how I feel after working out tomorrow. I'm hoping it's just a South Beach thing because usually by Day 3 I feel awesome so that gives me hope for tomorrow.

As an aside, I seriously need some new workout music. I'm getting so, SO tired of my current stuff. Any suggestions? I like stuff with a good, driving beat (Fatboy Slim, Black-Eyed Peas, Moby's fast stuff (Lift Me Up), Prodigy, Rihanna (Shut Up and Drive)).


Stephy said...

Hey on my Facebook - i posted my latest playlist from my Ipod. Check it out for some ideas...

Donna said...

Ugh, South Beach! Yes, it does work...and I do think there are some good basic ideas behind it...but that Phase 1 just killed me. Good luck!

As for workout tunes, I wish I could think of something. I love all the examples you cited but can't think of much more. Lately I've been downloading lots of pop singles to create what I sort of consider my high-energy playlists. No one artist has really been grabbing me much in this genre, except for Rihanna & Lady GaGa. But if you find some good playlists online, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

The headaches are due to withdrawls of sugar or what ever else has been cut out of your diet. Your body is adjusting and it will level out what is needed and the heahaches should go away. Water, yes, lots of water. Good Luck. If you can maintain the new lifestyle of eatting you are committed to for 3 months you will see results last and you will maintain them longer too!