Monday, May 07, 2007


100 laps tonight!

I felt great while I was doing it, but my body is feeling all fatigued now and I think I need to get to bed a litle on the early side. I modified a workout suggested by one of the people in my Swimming for Cardio team on SparkPeople. It's not a very active team for message posting, but there are some good workout ideas. I think all of those ladies could totally kick my butt in the pool.

My routine tonight:

150 swim - free
250 kick - free up, fly back

3 sets of
200, rest :30
150, rest :20
100, rest :10
50, rest :30
Set one: Build (I did the 50 in :43, which made me happy. I wasn't really swimming all out and it's been a long time since I've timed a 50 so I thought that wasn't too shabby)
Sets two and three: 200 and 150 medium, 100 sprint, 50 slow

10 25's, rest :10 - odds easy, evens sprint

200 swim

I haven't done sprints in ages and it was fun to swim all out for 25 yards.

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