Friday, August 01, 2014

Limiting Factors

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.  Yesterday I did a PiYo workout called "Sweat", which, yes, that's what you do.  I felt fabulous doing it, as usual.  My balance and wrist strength are both improving a lot after only a few weeks of doing these exercises.  I still modify some things so as not to strain my shoulder too much (no burpees, no push ups, only plank), but I'm able to do a lot of it. Then Jason and I fixed a super healthy dinner (in which we both invented a dish and I determined that we are both brilliant cooks).

Every so often I get these glimpses into how I would  be doing it if I could.  I love that feeling when the pieces of my healthy living puzzle fall neatly into place.  I feel happy and inspired to continue.  I planned to get up early this morning and do PiYo Lower Body.

Only, I woke up to a sore and stiff right shoulder and I knew if I did another workout I would probably get a headache and I'm tired of plowing through my work days with a headache.  Instead I spent a little while laying on the heating pad before I got up for the day.  Since getting to work I keep pausing to do some stretching exercises to hopefully keep my muscles from getting too tight.

I have an ortho appointment next Thursday and I will be requesting an MRI.  I'm tired of this and sad about what I'm missing out on this summer - like swimming at the fancy Brown pool while the swim team isn't crowding out the lap swim schedule.

Like kayaking.  Tomorrow if the weather holds out Jason and two of our friends are going kayaking in our favorite spot with the Groupons we bought in May.  Me?  I'll be starting at the local town beach and walking down to meet them where the river flows into the ocean.  I love a nice beach walk, but I'd rather be paddling.

I know I'm being whiny, but these are the highs and lows of my summer.  I'm hopeful that by next summer I'll be able to enjoy normal again.

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