Friday, February 28, 2014

More Goals, Always With the Goals

But this time, I really mean it with the goals!

March is going to be awesome, just you wait and see.  First of all, I've joined a get fit group headed up by a woman who works for Yarnbox.  She mentioned on one of the Ravelry threads that she was organizing a Knit & Get Fit group and asked if anyone else would like to join.  There are points involved and knitting-related prizes.  She pretty much had me at "points", but prizes?  Yes, please!

I had already started setting myself up for March to be the month it all comes together.  I rejoined Masters swimming.  It starts Wednesday.  I'm a little nervous.  When last I swam with Masters, there was a slow lane, a moderate lane, a pretty fast lane and a super fast lane.  I started in moderate, but eventually moved up to pretty fast and held my own.  Especially with kicking.  (Kicking is where I am a Viking.)  I don't ever think I'll be in the super fast lane, and that's okay because they are SUPER fast, but I'm pretty sure at this point I'm also no longer in the pretty fast lane.  Back to moderate I'll go and just hope I can keep up.

The good news is, I roped my friend Rebecca into Masters with me this time, and I know she has been swimming as little as I have over the past several months so at least I won't suffer alone.

So for March my plan is to get my eating dialed in for reals (low-carb/Paleo), to swim 2 times a week and to go to strength training 2 times a week. The light is already better in the mornings and the evenings and (despite the storm forecast for Monday) I'm hoping overall March will let up with the snow already.

I've been having a really hard time this winter, and I'm not the only one.  The snow just keeps coming, it's been very gray and it's been COLD.  I think the entire northern US is over this winter.  There is much grumbling going on.  Usually in New England, we get cold and snow, but at least it's relatively sunny.  I thought I was just being oversensitive this year until our farm share people apologized because their greens supplier couldn't get us the usual amount of greens.  In the winter they grow greens in greenhouses, but this year it's been so gray and dreary that their crop isn't growing as well as usual.  It's not just me!  I think next year I need to invest in a winter light box.

I'm pretty excited for March and to be involved with a challenge group again.  I'm feeling optimistic and excited to get going.    And I already have plans to swim laps tomorrow morning, to welcome in the month.

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Marta said...

Pretty sure I am too slow for the slow lane. Go, you!