Thursday, February 06, 2014

Excuses - I Have Many

I went swimming Monday!  Yes I did.  Swim buddy Rebecca psyched me up via text on Sunday afternoon and Monday at 6:30 we were in the pool!

The good thing about swimming in New England in February is that chances are, you'll get your own lane.

The bad thing about swimming in New England in February is that it's still very, very cold and dark in the morning.  Although on Monday the cold wasn't so bad, so it wasn't too painful.

Tuesday was Masters swimming and I didn't join this session, so I couldn't swim.  I thought ok, Wednesday I'll go to strength training and Thursday I'll swim again.

Then Tuesday night into Wednesday we had a snowstorm.

Then this morning I couldn't take my car because Jason wanted to use it and given that he is the one who shoveled our walk and my car out, I wasn't going to take my car and make him dig out HIS car too.  That would qualify me as Worst Wife Ever, I think.

My next plan is to swim on Saturday.

In diet news, I baked bread yesterday in the bread machine. I woke up with my alarm at 6:30, and after realizing it was going to be a snow day, I padded downstairs in my slippers and thought, "I should make some bread."  I don't know why.  I haven't made bread in months.  For some reason, it seemed like a fantastic idea.  When Jason came downstairs a couple of hours later and realized there was bread baking he was thrilled and told me that the night before he had thought how nice it would be to have some hot bread and butter* on our snow day.    I think being psychically tuned into my husband's culinary desires might qualify me as Best Wife Ever.

The bread was really good and we ate most of the loaf yesterday.  In case you forgot, bread is Not Paleo.

So, you know, this week hasn't been awesome in the healthy living department.  But I'll keep trying.

*What he actually said was "hot b with butter" which is what our niece used to request to eat when she was 2 and it's a phrase we use a lot.  Also useful as an exclamation: "Hot B With Butter!"

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