Thursday, March 06, 2014

Getting Fit

Unlike all the other times I don't post for almost a week, I'm actually doing really well this time.  The Knit & Get Fit group is off and running and so far (4 days in), I'm killing it!

Not to toot my own horn.  But I did win a prize today for being in the top 3, so...  Toot!

It's been interesting because the only person I know in the group is the organizer (and I only know her through Ravelry and Yarnbox) and everyone is at completely different levels with their fitness and nutrition knowledge.  We're all encouraging each other and the fact that I get points and am accountable to a group makes it that much easier to get up early and go to the gym.

Since it's Facebook-based, a lot of the points hinge on photos.  We get a point for taking a picture of each of our meals, for taking a sweaty picture of ourselves post-workout, for taking a picture of our latest knitting project.  We also get a point for posting a motivational quote, and it's been fun to find them and to read everyone else's.

This morning the organizer announced a mini prize.  The top 3 of us are going to get a copy of a knitting pattern on our Ravelry wishlist.  Nice!  She told us that she'll be doing mini prizes like this all month, so that's fun.

The grand prize will be a set of interchangeable knitting needles, yarn handspun by the organizer  (I've seen her stuff; it's gorgeous), stitch markers and some buttons.  I understand none of this has any appeal to someone who doesn't knit, but the idea of winning makes me clap my hands with glee.

And now the reason you're really here: how are those workouts going, Kelly?

Pretty well, actually.

Monday: strength training
Tuesday: swimming
Wednesday: Masters swimming
Thursday: rest (I need it.  I did both of those swims still hurting from strength training.  I'm not sure what exercise we did, but my calves have been killing me.)

Tomorrow I'll go to strength training again and Saturday I have another swim planned.

I need to get used to this schedule again.  First of all, I'm sleepy by 8:30 or so and basically out cold by 10 lately.  Second, swimming two days in a row this week made me HUNGRY.  I've been doing pretty well with the low-carb/Paleo approach, I just need to eat a bit more until I get used to being so active again.

It's amazing how quickly I get back into this pattern.  Last week I was a lump on the couch.  This week I'm feeling guilty for not working out this morning.  Just got to keep it up.  As the Nike motivation I posted yesterday for motivation says: Just do it.  Then do it again.

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