Monday, July 08, 2013

July Challenges

I'm still not sure how I made out in the June Challenge because the organizer went to Spain for a month) and didn't send us the final tallies before she left.  I'm pretty positive my friend Deborah smoked us all and got first.  I'm just curious as to whether I got second place, or wound up third.  I'm pretty pleased with my progress over the month, though, of course, I didn't lose weight. 

For the month of July (well, the 1st through the 28th), the same group is doing a very mellow version of the challenge (see above re: organizer in Spain), and reporting back to the group once a week.  We get a point for each day we eat on plan, a point for 3 days of working out, a point for each additional workout day, and 5 points at the end of the month for fulfilling a challenge goal we set for ourselves. 

Last week wasn't great because of the holiday and because we went to a 2-day music festival and there's nothing but crap food there.  Seriously, by the end of day 2, I was craving vegetables.  Maybe I should have counted 2 days of wandering around between stages and craft vendors in 90+ muggy degrees with heat advisories in effect as "working out", but I didn't.  Still, I like to think I'm more virtuous because of how much I sweat this weekend.

Since I'm also doing a 10,000 steps per day challenge, my goal for the July Challenge is to walk 10,000 steps per day for 24 out of 28 of the challenge days.  I think I need to give myself 1 day a week not to hit 10,000, in case of unforeseen circumstances.  Or foreseen circumstances even.  For instance, Jason's dad is leaving town today so we went out for breakfast.  Work has been a little nutty today, so no time for a lunch walk.  And I have a meeting tonight that will probably go to 9 PM.  So I'll be happy to reach 5,000 steps today.

I've said it before, but what I wouldn't give for a Walkstation...

So that's what's up for July.  Trying to get my brain back into Challenge mode after a few days off.

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