Monday, July 22, 2013

July Challenge: Crash and Burn!

Okay, that title is a little melodramatic.  Last week really was pretty much a bust, though, challenge-wise.  On the one hand by the end of the week, my tummy was feeling a little flatter and I went for a nice long walk in the woods yesterday.  However, the reason my tummy was flatter is because I didn't eat much all week long.  Yeah, that's not sustainable.

Last Monday I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted and a bit nauseated.  Actually, a lot nauseated. I didn't ever throw up while I was sick, but I sure felt on the verge a lot of the time.  So I ate some saltines here, drank a little ginger ale there, but basically the first time I felt like eating at all was at lunchtime on Wednesday.  I ate a couple ounces of chicken breast and it felt like a major victory.

Last week was the second and last week of Restaurant Week and I was determined to go, since we missed last Restaurant Week thanks to both Jason and I being knocked out with the flu.  I wound up with lots of Restaurant Week leftovers.

By Thursday, I was feeling almost totally normal, and by Friday I felt great.  We went to New Hampshire over the weekend for Seek the Peak, a hike up Mt Washington to raise money for the weather observatory that got delayed to Sunday due to the weather.  So on Saturday we walked to some waterfalls, played mini golf and attended the now pre-hike turkey dinner.  Jason and his brother climbed Mt. Washington yesterday, and I found a nice 3 1/2 mile walk in the woods with only minor elevation gain.  (I can walk and walk, but I hate going up).

Even though I felt better, I still wasn't finishing my meals, and I tried to keep my food on the blander side.  The bad news is, the hike down yesterday took WAY longer than they thought it would, so we couldn't stop for a real dinner, but made do with roadside ice cream and, a couple hours later, a fast food stop.  I was driving, since I doubt Jason could have pushed in the clutch with his sore legs, so I was limited as to choices.  Today my stomach is a little wonky again, and I know it's thanks to Wendy's.

I suppose getting a little nauseated when I eat bad-for-me food isn't the worst thing in the world.  Keeps me on the straight and narrow.

In the meantime, though, my July Challenge is a bust.  This is the beginning of the last week and I'm now down at the bottom of the pack thanks to no workout points and only a couple of healthy eating points for last week.  Oh well.  On to August!

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