Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Kickboxing Pain Cycle

After 3 kickboxing classes, I've identified a specific cycle of recovery pain:

1.  Tuesday night, 7-8 PM:  Kickboxing class.  PAIN.

2.  Wednesday morning, 6:30 AM: Wake up, feel a tiny bit achy, think, "Huh, maybe that wasn't so bad..."

3.  Wednesday afternoon, 3:00 PM: "...Why can't I move my shoulders anymore?"

4.  Wednesday night, 8:00 PM: "I hate stairs!"

5.  Thursday morning, 6:30 AM: "I don't remember getting run over by a truck, yet here we are."

Followed by sucking in of breath and slight shrieks every time I have to move all day Thursday. 

Remember how I was going to swim this morning?  Yeah, no.  I'm going to go for a short lunch walk and hope my legs don't fall off in the process.

Despite all of this, I'm loving the kickboxing!  Probably enough to keep paying for classes after our Groupon trial is finished.

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