Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swim Challenge Update

So I've been kind of lax on the swim challenge updates. I actually thought I had been pretty lazy about the whole thing, but after going through my SparkPeople fitness record, I realize that while I haven't been perfect, I've been much better than I thought.

My goal is 4 swims per week, either in the pool or open water:

Week 6
3 pool swims
PLUS a few hours of kayaking and a half hour open water swim
PLUS a major, several-hour hike up and down a mountain
Assessment: 4 swims, plus a lot of extra credit.

Week 7
No pool swims. That big hike from Week 6? Wound up kind of crippling me for the majority of the week.
However, after most of the pain had worn off, we went to the beach and I got in a half hour open water swim.
Assessment: Only 1 swim, but my muscles were in major recovery mode.

Week 8
4 pool swims
1 open-water swim
Assessment: Nice!

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