Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Pounds Down

(This is another blog about my weight-loss (or lack thereof) frustration. If you're bored of these posts, skip this and I'll work on posting some more New Hampshire pictures tomorrow.)

I weighed myself this morning, which I told myself I wouldn't do until after Swim Across America, but I did anyway, because I was curious. And partly because last year's hiking pants didn't fit when I tried them on last week. Even though I feel stronger from my swimming and am noticing some more muscle, I don't really feel like the fat is decreasing at all. Just that I have a layer of fat over my new muscles.

I was right, of course. I've gained 5 more pounds.


I have acknowledged on here that I haven't been totally Whole30 compliant during this Whole30 experiment. HOWEVER, I'm not that bad. In fact, to hear Jason tell it, he's going to die if I don't stop making him eat vegetables all the time and if I don't stock up the pantry with processed snack foods immediately.

And, as we all know, I've been swimming 4 times a week (and kayaking! and hiking!). Despite appearances, I am not a lump.

Part of me wants to throw up my hands and give up. Descend into morbid obesity willingly since that's where my body seems to be taking me anyway. Honestly all of the mental energy I spend fretting about my body feels so useless.

But the other part of me (the part that does things like swim 4 times a week and be a lawyer) is concocting plans because there has to be a way to reverse this, doesn't there? So here we go.

  • Swim 4 times a week (of course).

  • Log food. Even though I could probably tell you how many calories and carbs I've been eating for the last several weeks with a pretty low margin of error, I'm writing it all down yet again. I'll either see that I really am eating a lot more than I think, or just have it confirmed that being on this looooong plateau really is the irrational event that I think it is.

  • Walk 10,000 steps, 5 days a week. This week I learned that my heel pain isn't so bad when compared with hiking pain. My heel still hurts, but I'm tired of being so sedentary during the day. Today is beautiful in Providence and I went for a lunch walk because I remembered to bring my sneakers to work. It was lovely, both to get out of the office for a bit, and to be in the sun, walking.

  • Incorporate strength training. Yeah, I've been lax on this. I'll shoot for twice a week to start.
I was talking about this with someone yesterday and she commented that maybe I'm just one of those people destined to be a bit bigger. My people were survivors so I have this amazingly efficient metabolism. Great. So if we were all starving, everyone would want to breed with me. That's sexy.


Joanne said...

Kelly, I'm so sorry. My heart just sinks when I see the struggle you're going through here. I would be frustrated too.

Just curious (and I will not take offense if you don't post this) but: Have you quit the Birth Control? That stuff will NOT and I repeat will NOT allow you to lose weight effectively. I don't care what any OB says - I've heard so many stories from frieds on BC that just cannot lose the weight until they quit it. That includes the pill, the ring, AND the patch. Anything but the condom (or the like non-drug approach). I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule (there always are it seems) but if you haven't tried foregoing the BC you might want to give that a try.

Kelly said...

Joanne, yeah I had heard the same thing, which is why I went off the pill a couple of years ago. That, and because I had read some things about synthetic hormones that I didn't like. Initially my weight went down a little bit, but then it popped back up again.

Amazon Alanna said...

Kelly, I really feel for you. You are working so hard. I know you're doing the whole 30 thing, and I know for whatever reason your body doesn't process carbs very well. Have you looked into the 17 Day diet? The first cycle has no grain based carbs in it, and the second cycle has very few....just a thought.

I'm rooting for you, whatever you do!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm... since I've seen the pictures from your recent hike, I can tell you with utter truthfulness that you look great. Totally gorgeous (as always) and really healthy and fit. Numbers schnumbers. You're healthy and beautiful. Done and done.
hugs, MplsJenn