Monday, May 25, 2009


Today I went for a jog with Jason. It reminded me that I hate jogging. Oh right.

I was lame and woke up too late to swim, so I thought I would head out with Jason. He was shocked that with all my swimming, I couldn't keep up with him on a jog. I tried to explain how they're different sports, you have to get used to any kind of sport, etc.

I've never understood all these people who can run like mad, but are in awe of my swimming ability. Because, seriously, I can NOT run.

My bones rattle with every step as my feet pound into the ground. And I can feel my flab bouncing. And my boobs. I guess I need a tighter sports bra. The point is, it's not pleasant.

Also, I tweaked my ankle somehow. I have weak ankles, which periodic yoga has helped make stronger, but I guess my right ankle turned a bit on one of those jogging steps. It's not a big deal, just a bit sore when I walk.

These sorts of things do not happen in the pool! Score one point for swimming.

Tomorrow, it's back in the pool for me.

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