Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's Something

I have been feeling like absolute poo for a little while now. Work has been crazy busy, there's some family stuff I'm really stressed about, I've been eating crap and I haven't been working out. In theory I know I'll feel better if I work out, but getting up so early in the cold and the dark isn't happening. Mostly because I'm exhausted. Which I know would be alleviated by working out. Which I can't do because I can't get my tired bum out of bed. Vicious circle.

All day yesterday I completely dragged through my work day with a partial headache clouding my mental functions. Even though I wasn't dressed for it, I decided to walk the 2 miles home. I took a long route, so it might have been more like 2 1/4 miles. By the time I got home, I felt infinitely better. My headache was gone and I felt completely alert.

Since it's cold out, I can actually walk the two miles without getting gross and sweaty. So this morning I woke up about 10 minutes earlier than usual and walked to work, where I changed into a skirt and did my make-up. Tonight I'm going to walk home. The podcasts that used to get me through my 2 hour commute every day when I was still working up in Boston are now entertaining me on my walks to and from work.

So this is what I'm going to do, at least until the New Year, when I plan to rededicate myself to my healthy lifestyle like I do every New Year. If I can walk at least one way, that's 2 miles more than I would be walking otherwise and equals a little more fitness for me. My goal is to walk both ways as many days as I can.

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zamy said...

You inspire girl!
It remains a mystery to me as to why it is so hard to do something good for us like exercise.
You conquered!

Love you,