Saturday, June 23, 2007

Momentum Can Be Fleeting

Ever since I started my new job I have had the hardest time getting into some sort of exercise routine. I have about an hour and a half of commuting every day in the car and that kind of saps my will to live. I generally like to drive, but not in rush hour, in bumper to bumper traffic, feeling like I'm killing the clutch of my new car and getting aggravated at the stupid STUPID people that I share the road with. I also sometimes maybe have a touch of the road rage.

So by the time I get home I really just want to make my dinner and plop in front of the TV, or maybe take a stab at tidying up my room. Or sometimes I drive down to Providence after work to hang out with my boyfriend. Also, now I have real work where I use my brain all day and I'm still acclimating to that because seriously, it's wearing me out. I went to law school and work and had an internship and headed the Health Law Society and helped out with mock trial and moot court and all those competitions, you would think I could handle using my brain 5 days a week. Apparently not.

So basically the yoga and the strength training hasn't been happening so much.

Then there's the swimming. I didn't go last Monday because I don't remember why. I'm sure it was a good reason, or at least I justified it as such.

Tuesday I swam. Yay! 104 laps because I'm a rock star and didn't feel like stopping at 100. Then I got a half migraine because I'm still trying to figure out how much to eat for this whole morning swimming thing and apparently whatever I ate wasn't enough.

Tuesday night I was in Providence and in order to go swimming on Wednesday, I would have had to have left Jason's at 5:30 AM. Um, no.

Thursday - Thursday was the dumbest. I had my gym bag and my work bag all packed, and my breakfast and lunch all set to grab from the fridge. All I needed was to pull on my swimsuit and eat a little something before driving to the pool. However, I forgot to reset my alarm and woke up an hour late. Hmph!

Friday, well, let's just say a little friend came to visit on Thursday and I just didn't swim on Friday. I know I don't want people swimming in the pool with me when that's going on with them, so I'm showing the same courtesy. Do unto others and such.

And here we are at Saturday and I'm sitting on Jason's couch trying to get some work done for one of my jobs. To my credit, the state of his apartment and my pent up energy has so far resulted in him now having a clean bathroom and two loads and counting of clean laundry. So at least I'm doing that rather than rooting around in his candy stash.

My point is, this has become the excuse blog as of late. I'm rediscovering how easy it is to lose momentum. I think about how good my momentum was before when this whole weight loss thing was pretty much all I really had to think about. My schedule was set and I was in control. Now my schedule is haphazard and my brain is being pulled 50 different ways and some days I just want to sleep for another hour instead of drag myself to the pool.

But we're about to start a new week. A new week, all sparkling fresh with newness. I will inaugurate the new week with a Monday morning swim. And I will continue throughout the week because swimming makes me happy and strong, and not swimming makes me feel like a lump and feels me with this dread of gaining back this weight that I have worked so hard to lose. I feel a bit like Scarlett O'Hara, but she knew what was up when she said, "Tomorrow is
another day." Losing weight is my own personal Rhett Butler.


Kim said...

Count me in for a fresh new Monday start with you. Until then, I'm still wallowing in my lack of mojo and mild mannered self hate. :( But on Monday...spanking new newness will win out. Right?

Kate said...

You know, I'm a very scheduled person, so when my schedule is all wacky, my eating tends to be wacky too, so I understand! Hang in there, things will settle down, and you'll find a "groove" again.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I know how you feel w/the momentum thing. I was a total slacker all last week w/my healthy eating. But as of today it's been good healthy food and 30 minutes on the treadmill!!

You can do it girl!

Love you,


Amazon Alanna said...

Where are you...i'm on summer vacation and I need your blog to stay motivated!

Kelly said...

Sorry, Alanna. I've been lacking motivation myself because of big events and happenings! But I walked 4 miles on Wednesday, did pilates and weights last night and swam this morning so hopefully I'm back in my groove!