Sunday, June 10, 2007


I hate when life dictates that not only shall there be no working out this week, but that I will also be eating out a lot and not really controlling my food. Oh sure, I could have gotten a salad at Longhorn, but when you're at a STEAKHOUSE, it seems kind of rude to order salad. Like, maybe the super steak chef would spit in my dressing-on-the-side or something. And I don't really feel like eating salads at 9 AM at IHOP.

Let me explain. This past week has been crazy. My boyfriend was in a nasty car accident on Wednesday night. He is fine, but his car is totaled. When we finally got out of the hospital at 8:30 the next morning, we headed to the nearest breakfast place for food because we were both starving. I got an omelet and pancakes. And it was good. I only ate half the omelet, so that counts for something.

Then later that day we were out and about, stopping by the tow lot to get his belongings out of his smashed up car and checking out car dealerships for his next big purchase. We were still pretty tired, so we went to Outback for dinner. I got a burger. And it was good. As a disclaimer, I substituted salad for the fries (the Wasabi salad. If you go to Outback, try it. It's really yummy). I also only ate half my hamburger bun.

Friday was fine, since I was at work and just ate my normal healthy food. But because of the chaos the swims that were supposed to happen Thursday and Friday mornings obviously didn't.

Saturday morning I ate Kashi oatmeal. Good choice, yes?

Then we went out and I bought a new car. Actually, that was the plan all along for Saturday since I'm driving to work every day now and need a more reliable car. Jason used the opportunity to check out the 2007's as well. After the purchase, which, you know, takes HOURS, we were starving and went to the Longhorn Steakhouse down the street from the dealership. I got another burger. This time I only ate half the burger and I got a baked potato with the toppings on the side instead of fries.

Saturday night we went to a Mexican place and I got fajitas, but I didn't eat all the tortillas, I didn't eat all the cheese and I didn't eat all the sour cream. I also brought home half of my grilled meat and onions.

So really, I think I did not too bad for not actually ordering the salad option at every meal. According to my scale I haven't gained anything yet and I'm hoping that starting this week off right with a swim in the morning will stave off any gain. I'm looking forward to being back in my healthy groove. Sometimes life just really gets in the way.


Kim said...

Holy crap! I am so happy to hear that Jason is okay - from the looks of that car it was a heck of a nasty accident!! Good grief.

Congrats on your new wheels. :) They look very sweet indeed.

JessiferSeabs said...

I think you did GREAT... "This too shall pass."

Believe me, if ANYBODY understands car / accident / car buying drama, it's me -- I've been in two accidents in the past three years (neither of them my fault!) where I was hit by uninsured drivers and both cars were totalled. Good times. sometimes, you've just gotta do the best you can do and it sounds like you did GREAT given the cirucmstances.

The whole "substituting salad for fries" is what gets me EVERY time. I can never make myself do it. So wow, I'm impressed!

Kate said...

Hi! Just started reading your blog.

Congrats on the new car, looks pretty sweet.

Also, good job on substituting the salad at meals!

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I pick up my car tomorrow. Yay!

Jess, I really, really wanted the fries. :)