Thursday, April 05, 2007

Weighing In

Up 1.2 pounds. Boo. However, last week was kind of a no holds barred vacation in Florida so I suppose I should be happy I'm not up more considering how much fried food I ate.

However, down another inch. So, you know, building muscle is a good thing.

I just upped my calories on SparkPeople because I had really underestimated how many calories I burned per week. It seems illogical to think that increasing calories is going to add to weight loss, but if I'm not eating enough my body thinks I'm starving and holds onto the weight. Fervently. The summer I lost 15 pounds I was eating a lot of food, now that I think about it, but I was swimming and walking a lot too.

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AnnekeS said...

You know, I just spent a week in Florida, and I gained 4 pounds... but I think that was mostly related to the alcohol and the lack of water intake...

I need to get myself to a pool soon to swim laps, it's been too long! (but can't do it too often, as my skin reacts poorly to chlorine)