Friday, January 26, 2007

Maltitol = Evil

Has anyone else experienced the substance that is Maltitol? The majority of sugar free candies out there are sweetened with it. The first few times I tried those candies, I had maybe a little stomach rumble, but nothing major. I must have developed a full-blown allergy to maltitol, though, because after eating two SF Russell Stovers peanut caramel clusters a couple of days ago, my stomach expanded to about 3 times its normal size and made me feel like I wanted to die a little.

It makes me kind of sad since I liked having a choice in the candy aisle even on my no-sugar plan, but alas it is not to be.

Let's hear it for Splenda, though, whose magical sweetness lets me have Jello, pudding and ice cream that doesn't taste too much like artificially-sweetened poo on a regular basis. Mixed fruit Jello, chocolate fudge pudding, and Breyer's Carb Smart (NOT the Sugar Free) in chocolate keep me happy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fake sugar used in no-sugar candies and many cakes/cookies/etc. will f' up your belly big-time.

Anonymous said...

Sugar free = fart fantastmic! They're horrendous, all of 'em.

Natalie C. said...

Passing on a tip: Another good sugar substitute (there are scary things to read out there about splenda & nutrisweet) is Stevia. It's an herb & it only works to sprinkle on fruit or cereal or in herb tea, stuff like that. But buy that instead of splenda packets because it's healthier.