Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wise Guy

I scurried over to the nearby Asian restaurant tonight, anticipating the sushi and miso soup I ordered for dinner. I order from this place almost every night because the agency gives us money for dinner, it's right near work, and did I mention they have SUSHI?

When I got back to work I opened my little paper bag to find 2 sets of chopsticks on top of my faux Asian plastic sushi container. Um, are they trying to tell me something? Because, seriously, of all the stuff I've ordered from there, sushi is the least of my worries.

Friday, June 16, 2006


My weight is the same, but my body fat is down 2.8%. So that's good, right?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Snacking Monster

Um, hi. Remember me?

I keep meaning to post to this blog but I'm feeling more tired than fired up lately about weight loss. Mostly because I can't seem to stop the snacking. See, I'm working an incredibly boring job for 12-14 hours a day and the urge to snack kicks in fairly often. Usually I can stave it off or pop some gum in my mouth. Sometimes I give in and have a healthy snack - some nuts, wasabi peas, or a piece of fruit. But the truth is I'm sitting on my butt 12-14 hours a day and I just want to nibble.

I have been working out. I got knocked out by a cold last week, but I'm back and better than ever. This week I've ellipticalled for 50 minutes 3 nights in a row already.

But in reality the pounds just aren't dropping off like they should be, or like they were this time last year. It's frustrating. Sedentary days and the urge to snack can't be warded off by a burst of exercise every night it seems. I leave for Vegas tomorrow and - sigh - I haven't made my goal.

What do you do when the snacking urge hits, realizing I don't have the option of getting up from my desk because I have to sit here and review these documents?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ego Boost

Today a random woman at work told me she noticed that I'm getting more slender. She made a little motion with her hands indicating how my waist is getting smaller. Hurrah!

My weight is up from the low 193.6, but it is that time of the month. I wonder how much my weight fluctuates from day 1 to day 6 of my period, and from day 6 of my period to day 1 eve the following month? I'll have to try to weigh myself every day and take note. My second rationalization is that I know that my body is getting more muscley, which weighs more. I'm trying not to let the scale numbers rule my world and remember that my jeans are looser, my shirts are definitely looser, my tummy is flatter, and my triceps are getting awesome.

Monday, June 05, 2006

One Reason It's Good the AC Went Out At Work

I walked into a sauna this morning. 81 degrees and who knows how much humidity in our lovely basement workspace with minimal ventilation. At about 11 AM I finally gave up on the nicer clothes and changed into my gym clothes because they are infinitely cooler. Well all the heat and the humidity and the sitting like a pretzel in my chair has resulted in my pants getting totally stretched out. I'm having to tie the drawstring super tight to keep them from sliding too far down my hips. They won't slide off completely because, as you'll remember, I have a bootay. But even though I know there are logical reasons for the pants being so baggy, it still makes me feel thinner.

Also, I think my appetite is diminishing a bit. I bought 2 empanadas for dinner tonight just like I did 2 weeks ago, but tonight I could only eat one of them. The beef curry one is now in the fridge. I've noticed over the last few days that I'm just not eating as much in general. Half a sandwich and a small bowl of fruit salad for lunch yesterday and I was stuffed. So that's good. Now it's off to the gym and my favorite elliptical and hopefully something good on TV.

Friday, June 02, 2006

To Each His (or Her) Own

A little bit ago JJ* made the comment that "real men like women with a little meat on their bones." Aw, that's nice, JJ.

Then D, the pissy guy with a critique of everything, whipped around and said "Uh, I disagree with you 100%."

As a curvy, nay, chubby, woman I felt a little put out. His attitude explains why yesterday when I was laughing with my friend M about the bike messengers in Farragut Square being all up in my biznass as I walked by, D whipped around (he tends to whip around and butt into conversations a lot, huh?) and said, "Whatever, they probably just make comments to everyone who walks by." Well, yes, that may be true, but I think his comment today explains why he was so amazed at the idea of ANYone finding ME attractive.

Upon reflection, though, I have to say that I'm not attracted AT ALL to pastey, skinny guys. Three guesses as to who's a pastey, skinny guy?**

I guess we all have our preferences.

* JJ is not to be confused with J, my very gay, very awesome gym buddy.

** Of course, he's not really on my good list anyway based on his general aura of pissiness and his insistence yesterday on reading an anti-Indian joke right in front of A, who is Indian. As soon as the word "Hindu" crossed his lips, I asked him if it was an anti-Indian joke. He said, "Yeah, but it's really funny." I said, "You might want to think before you speak, D." He said, "Can I read it anyway?" I said, "No."

Really? He thinks this is appropriate behavior?