Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ego Boost

Today a random woman at work told me she noticed that I'm getting more slender. She made a little motion with her hands indicating how my waist is getting smaller. Hurrah!

My weight is up from the low 193.6, but it is that time of the month. I wonder how much my weight fluctuates from day 1 to day 6 of my period, and from day 6 of my period to day 1 eve the following month? I'll have to try to weigh myself every day and take note. My second rationalization is that I know that my body is getting more muscley, which weighs more. I'm trying not to let the scale numbers rule my world and remember that my jeans are looser, my shirts are definitely looser, my tummy is flatter, and my triceps are getting awesome.


AnnekeS said...

Hey, I'm all about the random compliments! Too bad I am not getting any, but that's what happens when you gain weight back.

I just need to apply myself again.

drstaceyny said...

Not a rationalization at all--you definitely have to account for muscle weight (and muscle power--imagine all the new thing you'll be able to do!)