Monday, June 05, 2006

One Reason It's Good the AC Went Out At Work

I walked into a sauna this morning. 81 degrees and who knows how much humidity in our lovely basement workspace with minimal ventilation. At about 11 AM I finally gave up on the nicer clothes and changed into my gym clothes because they are infinitely cooler. Well all the heat and the humidity and the sitting like a pretzel in my chair has resulted in my pants getting totally stretched out. I'm having to tie the drawstring super tight to keep them from sliding too far down my hips. They won't slide off completely because, as you'll remember, I have a bootay. But even though I know there are logical reasons for the pants being so baggy, it still makes me feel thinner.

Also, I think my appetite is diminishing a bit. I bought 2 empanadas for dinner tonight just like I did 2 weeks ago, but tonight I could only eat one of them. The beef curry one is now in the fridge. I've noticed over the last few days that I'm just not eating as much in general. Half a sandwich and a small bowl of fruit salad for lunch yesterday and I was stuffed. So that's good. Now it's off to the gym and my favorite elliptical and hopefully something good on TV.

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