Monday, July 10, 2006

New Favorite Thing

My new favorite thing in the world, at 160 calories per little plastic cup, is the McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. It's so yummy! And only one dollar!

I was thinking that I could do this so much easier and cheaper myself. Get some Stonyfield Farms yogurt (my favorite now that I can't ever find Alta Dena anywhere, which is sweetened with fruit juice), some low fat granola or Grap Nuts, and some fresh or frozen fruit. Voila! If I ever actually make it to a grocery store, because I work 12-hour days this week and am going out of town this weekend, I'll have to pick up my own mixings for this concoction.

One complaint: the blueberries have kind of a funky texture. The strawberries are great though.

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Regina said...

Enjoy summer fruit while it's here! Did you know cherries are only in season for a couple of weeks in July (my favorite fruit and my birth month)? I like buying plain yogurt and adding my own fruit and cereal topping because I can make it exactly as sweet as I want. I don't like very sweet yogurt, plus the less extra sugar it has, the fewer the calories. Plus if I reduce the cereal topping and increase the fruit I get a more filling snack.