Monday, June 08, 2015

Blah blah blah

Here we are again, with no progress except for me continuing to feel bad about how my body looks.  So I'm working on it, and today I am SORE.

First, though.  I had a physical a few weeks ago.  I really like my doctor because we have actual conversations about what's going on with me.  A couple of days after my appointment, she left a message for me about a medical weight loss program at a local hospital.  She has another patient who was seemingly doing all the right things and wasn't losing weight, but has had success with this program. I thought that sounded promising.

I did some research into the program and discovered that if you want to lose more than 35 pounds, the program starts with 10 weeks of 2 liquid meals per day plus a calorically-balanced dinner.  If they had said "a sensible dinner", I would have guessed the doctor in charge used to work for Slim Fast.

You know, I'm all for taking some mildly extreme actions, such as cutting out certain categories of foods for a limited time, but 10 weeks of 2 liquid meals doesn't sound like a recipe for long-term success to me.  Besides, I've done the liquid diet thing.  I was 15, I had jaw surgery, and my mouth was wired shut for 4 1/2 weeks.  It was --- not pleasant.  Also, it was about 3 years before I could even think about drinking any sort of chocolate-flavored drink without gagging since I mainly subsisted on chocolate Ensure and chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast because all of the other flavors tasted terrible*.

So in the name of being healthy and not an insane person on a liquid diet, I'm starting (again) to work on my activity level and my food.  Saturday Jason and I went to the gym to pump some iron.  Then we did some house and garden maintenance, of which mine consisted of taking 8 bags of mulch, dumping them into a wheelbarrow, and spreading them around our garden beds (which look so pretty!). 

Maybe doing that on the same day as starting strength training again wasn't the best idea, since Jason and I have been hobbling around the house for the last 2 days.  But we feel accomplished!

*The chocolate wasn't great either, but it was tolerable.

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