Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Size Deflation

I have a bone to pick with Target.  A few years ago I discovered their black tights in a roll, which gave me cheap, comfortable tights to wear in the winter with a waist band that landed somewhere near my belly button (versus right under my chest like most tights). 

Only, the last time I bought a pair, the size I bought before (and still wear) suddenly was WAY too small.  OK, fine, I've gained some weight.  I can go up a size.  Last night I bought 2 pairs of the next size up, only to discover this morning that they are both too small.  Well, one I could yank on after some effort, but there is no way the other pair is going to fit unless I lose about 40 pounds.  This is the size that's supposed to fit up to 5'11" and 230 pounds.  I call major shenanigans!

If I didn't still have a couple of pairs from past years that fit perfectly fine, in the smaller size, I would probably be really depressed and bemoaning my state of fatness.  Instead I'm just irritated at Target.  I thought everyone was complaining about size inflation lately, but Target seems to be going to other way, at least in its tights.

Now I have to find a new source for a winter staple.  Sigh.

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