Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Update

I've been feeling down on myself because I haven't done as much as I wanted to with regard to my September challenges, but I think I need to cut myself a little slack.  So I still have 19,200 yards to swim this month.  On the other hand, I swam 5 miles last week, including a 3000 yard workout on Saturday.

I haven't been keeping up with ALL of the prescribed workouts with my challenge group and I'm in last place, but I have done a few of the workouts and challenges and I've also been kayaking and boogie boarding the last couple of weekends.

The point is, I'm not meeting all of the goals I set this month, but all told I'm still being pretty active.

This is also taking into consideration that since last Saturday my right shoulder has been really aching.   My arms and chest are no longer sore from the boogie boarding, but the shoulder pain is lingering.  Sometimes my shoulder bugs me if I ramp up the swimming too fast, so I think I just need to let it rest for a bit.  Rebecca and I are swimming tomorrow morning and I have a feeling I'll need to rely heavily on kicking drills to get my yards in.  Good thing I'm a strong kicker!

We were supposed to swim yesterday morning, but I got a mini-flu on Tuesday night thanks to the flu shot I got Tuesday morning.  I was absolutely fine all day until about 8 PM, when suddenly I couldn't walk straight and my eyes started burning like they did when I had the real flu in February, along with a solid fever.  My temperature got up to 101 on Tuesday night and I wound up not going into work until noon yesterday.  I had better not get the flu this year after that!  Antibodies, do your job!

So, not where I wanted to be as of September 19, but not terrible either.  September, I'll give you a "Not So Bad."

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