Thursday, August 29, 2013

Challenges Are Coming. Oh Yes, Challenges Are Coming

So it's September on Sunday, which...just...what?!

I can't believe the Summer is waning and Autumn is upon us.  This end of Summer period is one of my, um, 17 favorite times of year.  Actually, I figured out the other day that the only time of year in New England that I don't care for is July, because it's Hot and Muggy.

But then I remembered that July has the 4th, which is fun, and then there are also a couple of music festivals we enjoy in July and even though they are Very Hot and Very Muggy, they are still delightful.

In summary, New England is delightful.  Yes, sometimes the Winter can drag on a touch too long, and sometimes June can be a stinker with its raininess (see 2009 and 2013), but overall, I love all of the seasons and am usually ready for the next one to roll around by the time it gets here.  Today, I went to get lunch in a dress, cardigan and ballet flats and thought, "Oo, it's a little chilly!"  In just a few more weeks, I know I'll be pairing tights with this outfit, and possibly a light jacket.

Anyway, with September comes new beginnings, right?  I don't think most of us ever get out of that "New School Year" mindset even if we don't have kids in school.  August has been a bit lax in the healthiness department.  We did some traveling, I did a few workouts, I mostly ate well.  But I'm revving up for September now and have a couple challenges on the horizon.

First, my swim SparkTeam is having a KISS (Keep It Simple September) Challenge, which is very much focused on doing simple things to be healthy.  My simple thing: swim 30,000 yards in September.  I'll break it down into 3 workouts of 2500 yards per week.  This is the time of year when I often lose my momentum and wrap myself up in pumpkin bread and apple cider donuts, so this will be great motivation to keep going to the pool even as it gets cooler.

Second, my June and July Challenge group is doing a September Challenge, so I'm be responsible for doing 4 Cross Fit-esque workouts per week, plus a few weekly challenges. I've already decided that I'm going to beg off the timed mile run this time around.  I'll walk a mile and call it good, but running just isn't in my cards, and I'm not willing to get shin splints for the millionth time.

With 3 cardio and 4 strength workouts per week, September should be a great (and sore) month!

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