Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring In My Step

Rather than be lazy until I restart my challenge on Monday, I've decided to begin getting in the habit of being active every day. Yesterday I had an early morning meeting in Boston, and instead of taking the T from South Station after I got off the commuter rail, I walked the mile or so to the meeting, then back to the train station after the meeting. It's a nice way to get over my sleepy head from the hour-long train ride up from Providence.

This morning I got up early (well, early for a Saturday) and hit the trail near my house. I did the Week 1 workout for Couch to 5K down the trail, then briskly walked back. I honestly am not sure if I'm going to complete the whole Couch to 5K program (since I haven't managed to do it yet), but the first few weeks of workouts are actually a good way to get in some intervals. According to Fitbit, I wind up running at about 6 mph, so that's not too bad. And for how hard I'm breathing after each 1-minute jog, you would think I was doing sprints.

I came home to some happy purple crocuses in our front yard that someone planted who knows when. I love bulbs that come up every Spring!

Monday morning my plan is to head to the gym and take that strength training class that I took once a long, long time ago. It kicked my butt then, so I have a feeling I will be in a lot of pain come Tuesday. But I think I need someone telling me what to do, and a whole class full of peer pressure to really push myself with the strength training.


MB said...

The next time you're in Boston if its a tues or thurs you should join me for tai box (cardio kickboxing), its so much fun. Fridays is Tabata which is killer but definitely effective. Womens Fighters Fitness allows you to pay $ 5 for classes. Located at downtown crossing. It's fun, I promise. ;)

Kelly said...

Sounds fun, but I'm usually not up there on weeknights except for Evensong choir practice, sadly. It's tough to get up there after work. I'll definitely let you know if I am up there, though. :)