Friday, October 29, 2010


Health and me = epic fail

It's just not happening right now for whatever reason. I'm still feeling this extreme lack of motivation. And I have a cold. Bleh.

So anyway, I'm starting the weaning process of my personally addictive foods. Today is Day 1 of no caffeine. Not that I can't have caffeine ever, I've just slipped into the habit lately of having it every day, which I don't like, especially since that caffeine is usually ushered into my body along with many chemicals that will probably result in a third foot on my future baby (hypothetical future baby, that is).

Monday will be Day 1 of no sugar. I have discovered that buying Halloween candy early because I had a coupon and it was already on sale is a bad, BAD idea. Jason and I have both been downing the fun size candy bars like crazy. Especially stupid on my part was making sure to buy 2 bags of my favorite candy bar (Butterfinger).

On Halloween, a friend is coming over and we will be doing some Autumn baking. Then that's it. I'm sending all leftovers home with her, and the sugar detox will begin November 1.

Once I get over this cold, I'm going to get back to more strenuous workouts. I actually walked most of the way home from work the other night (Jason picked me up 10 minutes from home because he was impatient and wanted dinner). Our new house is a little more than 3 miles from work, so it's a good hike, especially since the house is at the top of a big hill in relation to downtown. I felt exhilarated. I need to get back in shape. And I think I've almost talked my friend Rachel in A) joining my Y, and B) going to 6:30 AM strength training classes with me. Because I think I would do much better if I had a buddy who is also angry to be awake so early, but there because we have a gym date.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Right before we left for Tucson last week, I started doing a little research into carb cycling. After several days of carbs below 50 g, I felt like poo and never got that low carb burst of energy that I've always had before when starting low carb. I also lost no weight.

I joined a carb cycling group on SparkPeople to investigate, and a kind person in that group sent me a whole bunch of information. It sounds like something I want to try. Basically, there are a few days per week of carbs below the 50 g mark, but then there are a few with carbs ranging higher (though never high, per se). Some people have high days at 300 g, but I think my high days will be more along the lines of 150 g max. The goal is to keep your body guessing. I've done calorie cycling before with some success and this is the same general idea, just with more emphasis on grams of carbohydrate versus calories. Since I really do feel a (better)difference when I'm eating lower carb, I think lower, but not necessarily low carb may be best for me.

Of course, in Tucson I ate Mexican food and lots of treats because I was having fun with family, back where I grew up for the first time in over 8 years, with access to old restaurant favorites. Also, it was my birthday. I don't feel bad about it, but I need to get back on the trolley in a big way. I'm tired of feeling persistently bloated and out of shape. Any definition I once had in my arms is completely gone, which is lame.

Anyway, I'll eat healthy this weekend, and then start paying serious attention to my carbs and exercise come Monday. Monday morning strength training class, here I come!

Monday, October 04, 2010


I posted this as my Facebook status 3 hours ago: Anyone else tired of trying to lose weight? Because I am.

So basically, I'm 190. I graduated from college 11 years ago weighing 190. I would LOVE to be 160. At one point in my life I was 235. But I've been hovering around 190 for several years now. I go down a bit here and there, depending on whatever my recent machinations toward weight loss happen to be.

I'm just feeling really frustrated with the lack of movement on low carb. Apparently I blew my low carb "magic bullet" moment and I didn't even know I was blowing it. Sunday morning I went down a pound, this morning I went up a pound.

My reaction: Whatever.

I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to care.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Throwing Up My Hand

This morning, instead of being the exact same weight I've been for the past 2 weeks, I went up 2 pounds. Sigh.

Anyway, I went for a nice long walk this morning on the path near our house. It was very nice and reminded me that I do like to move. Sometimes when I'm sedentary for so long, I forget. Here's to keeping up the exercise!

Friday, October 01, 2010

At A Loss

Unfortunately, when I say "at a loss" it's not the kind of loss I would like. I've been steady on with the low carb since the weekend and literally have not dropped an ounce. In low-carb terms, I've actually been "better" than I ever have before, keeping my carbs super low (for me). My net carbs for this week:

Monday 40 g
Tuesday 25 g
Wednesday 27 g
Thursday 28 g

I haven't been working out, but that's because I've been feeling so awful. I've been exhausted, but haven't been able to get to sleep at night, and when I do sleep, I don't really feel like I'm sleeping. On Monday night I didn't get to sleep until 3 AM, which I thought was due to the Diet Cokes at dinner. Only the same thing happened yesterday and all I drank yesterday was a bunch of water.

Even so, most people doing low carb will tell you that while strength training is great for building muscle and you want to do that, working out isn't strictly necessary on low carb. You lose weight initially at least because your body starts processing the fat in your diet and on your body for energy, rather than relying exclusively on all the carbs in your diet.

This is not like low-carbing in the past. Previously I felt kind of yucky for a couple days, then was infused with energy. Even when I felt bad, I was getting some sort of motivation because the scale dropped a pound or two, or at least a few ounces, every day.

I've read a couple of articles talking about how you really only have 1, maybe 2 shots to get the maximum benefits from starting low carb. After that, your body has adjusted and, for various reasons, won't let you lose weight so fast initially. Is that what's happened to me? Why am I not experiencing the burst of energy I usually feel on low carb? Is it because the weather has been crappy too and my SAD is kicking in?

I know I need to exercise, but when I'm not sleeping it's really hard to pull myself out of bed after the few hours of sleep I do get. I hope tonight my sleep is better and tomorrow morning I can hit the trail for a walk/run.