Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm back into the groove - well, this week at least.

After having a good run with the evening workouts, I have determined that the only way the exercising is going to get done consistently is if I go in the mornings. Sigh. I planned to go to the gym Monday night, but had a surprise meeting at work that was supposed to be done by 6, but was really done by 7 and by that time I was famished and could only think about going home and getting some food. I did manage to do crunches and some upper body weight exercises and some lunges.

Lunges are the exercise of the devil.

So Tuesday morning I got up bright and early and did the elliptical for 40 minutes. Tuesday night I did my crunches and weights routine. Yesterday morning I ellipticalled again. Last night we had plans and we got home late so no workout this morning, but tonight I will do the crunches/weights thing and tomorrow I'll go elliptical.

The big problem, well two big problems, with morning workouts are: A) I am SO not a morning person, and B) Now my schedule is basically diametrically opposed to Jason's. It was bad enough before when I got up about an hour before he did and wanted to fall asleep two hours before he did. Now it's even more skewed, and when I want to go to sleep at 11 because, hi, I woke up at 6:30 this morning and worked out and I'm tired, he still doesn't want to go to sleep until 2.

I can't really do anything about my schedule since I have one of those crazy job things that requires me to come to work at a certain designated time. Jason works in a lab and can show up pretty much whenever, but he's stubborn and a night owl and I know he's not going to shift his schedule. Another thing is since he goes in late, he works late, so we might see each other for an hour, maybe two, before I start getting sleepy. It just makes me kind of sad because I feel like I go to sleep alone and then I wake up alone (because he's not awake yet and only wakes up for about 30 seconds to say good-bye to me). I guess it's just not what I envisioned when I thought about married life. I know a lot of couples don't see each other a lot, it's just kind of a bummer.

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