Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yesterday, I ordered PiYo from, fine purveyors of such products as P90X and Insanity. 

One of my online knitter friends is a beachbody coach (pretty sure this means she gets a kickback any time one of her people orders a product through her link, which is fine with me).  I've been whining about my shoulder and my inability to do anything with any sort of impact and she suggested PiYo.  It's a combination of pilates and yoga and is low impact.  Sounds ideal, right?

I have lots of friends who have done various beachbody workouts with success, so I know this is a tried and true company.  So I ordered PiYo.

Now my friend has hooked me up with a couple of Facebook challenge groups, and the main PiYo challenge starts July 1.  From what I've read, the PiYo workouts vary from 18-35 minutes, and there are lots of modifications you can do if you have issues.  I've already been reading some comments from people in the Facebook group and there are so many people there who have knee, hip, or just general joint issues and they're loving this workout.  I'm excited!

In the meantime, I still have pain in that one little pinpoint on my shoulder and I notice if I even walk for a long time, my shoulder aches.  For real, shoulder?  You're not even going to let me walk? 

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Hannah said...

I'm excited too Kelly! I think once we get the right modifications down it could actually help your shoulder over time... <3