Monday, February 16, 2009

Steel Cut

After a crazy week of visiting the in-laws, busy times at work and Valentine's Day, last week was kind of a wash. I was going to go swimming this morning, but I took advantage of this holiday by cooking some casseroles for breakfasts and dinners this week, plus a stew for tonight's dinner and that all took awhile and now it's 2 PM and I just got around to eating lunch and there's no more lap swimming today. However, we're having some people over for dinner and in an hour or so I'm going to start some heavy duty cleaning. That's always good for burning some calories.

This morning I made steel-cut oats for the first time and I am a new fan. I made one serving per the directions on the container and mixed in about 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, a small squirt of agave nectar and a dash of cinnamon. It tasted almost exactly like rice pudding, which is one of my favorite foods. Rice pudding for breakfast. Mmmmm.

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