Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Win!

Another 35 minutes on the elliptical today. The Y I go to has no TV's with closed captioned text like every other gym I've ever gone to and I realized yesterday that without TV's to stare at, my music gets boring. Apparently I need two multimedia distractions to get through a workout. Hello, Generation ADD!

So I downloaded a ton of Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy podcasts last night, which I read about on Pasta Queen's blog. So far I like them ok and they're making the workout go pretty fast. Just like with my massive commute, for me listening to people talk makes time go more quickly than listening to music.

I would also like to note with much acclaim and fanfare that my husband Jason went to the gym last night! He hasn't been to a gym since 1994*. However, with me getting back into the groove and one of his close friends being an insane runner he's finally getting peer-pressured into it. I think he's also intrigued by the fact that his friend can eat ANYthing and he never gains weight because he works out so much.

Not only that, but I've signed Jason up for a SparkPeople account and I'm keeping track of everything for him. He said, and I quote, "Just tell me what to do." Well, for starters, eat 1700-2100 calories a day instead of the 6000 he usually eats.

If any of you knew Jason you would all know what a coup this is on my part. I'm thrilled.

*And that time I think he probably just showed up for an orientation and a free T-shirt.


LME said...

I've been TRYING and trying to get my husband to go to the gym with me. It's been a low-key nagging campaign (these are usually successful in the long run), but he's still not budging.

Haven't tried the peer pressure tactic. Hmmmm....

Healthyzamy said...

Great work girl!
How exciting to have Jason to get healthy with!!

Love you!