Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I was all set to wait until after the holidays and start with a New Year's resolution to get back on the ball, but the scale this morning scared me.


After I swore to myself I would never hit 190 again. Up until now, I've been around 183-185, but I think getting married and eating out a lot and indulging every little food whim I have has pushed the scale up a lot more quickly than before.

So let's be brutally honest. It's been 6 months since I've been religious with my food journaling on Sparkpeople. It's also been 6 months since I've worked out regularly. I have had a few weeks here and there where I made it to the pool 3 or 4 times, but I haven't been consistent at all.

I live right across the street from the Y and can work out every morning if I just drag my butt out of bed. No more excuses.


Amazon Alanna said...

Woo! Way to go to commit yourself.

You aren't 190 yet so it's a great time to recommit. The wedding stress is over...you've moved, I say you're ready!

Mary Lynn said...

I'm so proud that you have set a line over which you won't cross. That is the only way to protect yourself and to make sure you don't end up somewhere you really don't want to be. Keep up the great work!!