Friday, September 14, 2007

Wedding Coming Up

5 weeks until the wedding and I haven't gotten my wedding dress altered yet because I have been in such denial about the fact that I wasn't going to lose 10 more pounds. Darn it. Stupid crazy busy summer.

Yesterday I bought my shoes. Today I bought my, ahem, underthings. I wanted something that gave a nice line under the dress so I invested in some Spanx, as seen and lauded on Oprah. Those things rock. And they actually stay up right under my bust like I always wish control top pantyhose would do. So now there is no excuse to not get my dress fitting over and done with, besides hating to say, "Yes, it needs to be let out." *Sob*

Also, since I really have NO idea what size I am with the weight going down then up then back down again, I had a real bra fitting. 36D. Whaaaa? Who knew I was a D? Seriously, though, I tried on the 36D and it fit amazingly and held the girls up high and proud. I thought I was a D when I was my heaviest, but now I think that I must have been a DD because I have definitely shrunk with the weight loss. As I have also learned from Oprah, 99.9%*of women wear the wrong size bra. Guess I was one of them.

I swam 4 times this week and this morning I did a routine (versus just swimming straight laps) that got the endorphins pumping and made me feel strong. Also this week I discovered what I need to eat AFTER a workout: Protein. Usually when I swim, I feel a little brain-foggy for about half of the day. I figured it must be a food thing but many experiments haven't shown me what exactly. This week, as the idea of cold cuts had me salivating after my workout, I tried just straight protein. About 120 calories of chicken and I am on top of the world. So I have finally worked the kinks out of the morning workout food: Pre-workout - 1 serving of juice or fruit and 2 slices of light wheat bread with a 1/2 T of butter and/or honey; Post-workout - protein.

Tomorrow we are going to The Big E, aka the New England State Fair. I plan to try a deep fried Snickers (which I won't eat all on my own. I just want to try it) and a Big E Cream Puff and that's all I want. I think 4 swims this week allow for a little state fair food. Next week I plan to swim 4 or 5 times. Rock on.

*Not really, but some high number.


Lauren said...

Great Job. You will be a gorgeous bride no matter what. I've never been to the New England state fair. I'll have to do that sometime when I get back there.

Kim said...

1. The shoes are VERY cute.
2. Excellent work with the swimming!!
3. You are going to be a STUNNING bride.


zamy said...

Shew...since Nursing school started I've gained 5 pounds of the 20 I lost this summer!!
Needless to say, there is much calorie cutting going on right now *and more treadmilling*
I miss you lots girl, and am UBERLY excited that the wedding isn't too far off!
Unless I miraculously win the lotto, i probably won't be able to fly up. (pouts)
But I love you soooo much and I'm living vicariously through all the wedding posts!!

Love you girl,